Saturday, June 16, 2007

Little servant

Sparkling eyes radiating innocence,
marks of beauty on a child's face.
Happy mind and cheerful laughter,
every child's birthright.
Separated from the rest
here comes a little servant.
Dirty clothes piled on her hands
trudging to the river bank
to wash the heap of clothes,
first of her many chores.

Tender arms working without rest
sweeping, cleaning and washing.
Tiny legs busy rushing everwhere
obeying orders from her masster.
Pen and pencil have not the fortune
to be held by her dirty fingers.
Schools a forbidden place - engraved
in her mind as a fort that imprisons kids.
Sisters and brothers to tend and feed
infancy long lost in life's struggle.

Blind are those who see her
on streets, in temples and homes.
Stopping not to think twice,
rushing through life amassing wealth.
Misery and filth everwhere
ignoring it is not fair.
See the truth, feel the pain,
do what you can to stop this crime.
Child labour a shame to mankind,
stop it before it ruins the world.


Sagar said...

Aaaga.. Shankar ooda next movie ku eppo oru script ready aaguthu paaru paa.. All said and done.. IT SHOULD BE STOPPED @ all costs...

But as long as people live in poverty and look at kids as a source of income, things will not change. We need a change in the perspective..

Harish said...

I wish people were more wise when they see kids working.
The only period in a periods life where he/she can enjoy it without any remorse or regret is childhood....and these children are robbed of it.
Wish everyone in the world never suffered from poverty ...........

naathaari said...

i was working with childlabour you shared exact pains