Saturday, September 29, 2007

My dearest

Our journey together started
with my inception in her womb.
So nice she made my stay there
that I gained too much weight.
I entered this world upside down
too heavy for her to deliver.
Unbearable was her pain and agony
yet she welcomed me with a smile.

Lovely as an angel is my mother,
fair and beautiful she is forever,
her heart as tender as a flower.
her spirit still as strong as ever.
She made my early years joyful
when abundance graced my childhood.
She made my adolscent years meaningful
when health and wealth bid us farewell.

Seldom does this world spare
an innocent soul as my mother.
Betrayals many did she face, yet
innocence clings to her forever.
Freedom and honesty I learnt from
my father, as innocent as his wife.
Sans desires my parents live
their children's success their only aim.

Many a value my father taught
not by mere word or thought.
His every action enriched my heart
his goodness and love taught me a lot.
Love for inlaws a rare trait
long forsaken by mankind.
But not by my father though, who never
learnt to say no to a loving heart.

Strong and hard my parents' battled
unseen enemies for days without end,
head held high admist sufferings
their innocence winning at the end.
A loving family is indeed a gift
fortunate are we who receive it.
With parents as good as mine
never will my life have any pain.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Little servant

Sparkling eyes radiating innocence,
marks of beauty on a child's face.
Happy mind and cheerful laughter,
every child's birthright.
Separated from the rest
here comes a little servant.
Dirty clothes piled on her hands
trudging to the river bank
to wash the heap of clothes,
first of her many chores.

Tender arms working without rest
sweeping, cleaning and washing.
Tiny legs busy rushing everwhere
obeying orders from her masster.
Pen and pencil have not the fortune
to be held by her dirty fingers.
Schools a forbidden place - engraved
in her mind as a fort that imprisons kids.
Sisters and brothers to tend and feed
infancy long lost in life's struggle.

Blind are those who see her
on streets, in temples and homes.
Stopping not to think twice,
rushing through life amassing wealth.
Misery and filth everwhere
ignoring it is not fair.
See the truth, feel the pain,
do what you can to stop this crime.
Child labour a shame to mankind,
stop it before it ruins the world.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

About Me ...

This mystery I try to unravel,
Much have I yet to discover.
Everyday I endeavour,
My findings surprise myself.

Definite description of me,
Still a distant dream to me.
My growing blossoming soul admits
That verily is the true me.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pearl of the orient

Behold the lovely land, a tear drop
adorning the pristine blue waters.
Behold the palm fringed paradise
stunning those who dare to explore her.

Nature brought forth man to this land,
in semblance of her loving spirit
for of what use is beauty to a maiden
sans admirers for her pastoral charm.

Man thus brought forth to the land
failed to cherish the rustic lure.
Divisions within, many did he form
questions of origin became the norm.

Honourable existence for others,
reduced to a state of illusion.
Equal existence still a dream,
but cannot be held back by the mean.

Free is nature's spirit and soul
so is every living heart and soul.
Snatch not the rights of others
for are they too not your brothers?

Silent protests quelled by fire,
signalled the start of disaccord.
Never ending wars arose in pursuit
of a land of fraternal equality.

In woe stands mother nature,
watching her children suffer.
Bidding adieu to families
setting out in search of a future.

Battles on land persist unabated,
sufferings multiply beyond control.
Nonetheless cries of freedom louder
more than ever for the world to hear.

Land of equality not a dream,
Equality not a utopian scheme.
Battles or talks whatsoever the means,
may freedom dawn and suffering end.

p.s... This poem depics the war torn island nation of Srilanka, about its ethnic crisis. It depicts the civil war due to problems of one ethnic sect denying equal rights to the other sect and the other sect taking up arms in turn, and the resulting humanitarian crisis.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I walk in search of...

I walk alone lost in silence,
now my mind calm and serene,
at times depressed and frightened.
My mind's play ocupies me all day,
yet my heart steers me tenderly
leading me away from fear, which
does not exist, but is imagined to be.

I walk with love that shines forth from
everywhere, rooted deep within me,
Searching for which I walk in haste, not
knowing that I am the cause and effect.
Halting at the foot of the almighty I realize,
the joy of being that which I had longed for.
knowing not what I want, I walk in search of...