Sunday, August 17, 2008

Journey together

Lost in endeavors for a better world,
dreams of a heroic warrior dared
not to step near my determined soul.
Lovely plans had mysterious mother nature.
There opened a solitary path before my eyes,
never ending, fruits of wisdom adorning it,
winding its way down lanes of sensibility,
taking me along in a leisurely pace.
Opening on to the path of an unknown twin soul.
Hand in hand exploring life together,
we journey,existing as yet two other awakened souls.
Every life on earth an unassuming,
handcrafted artwork of mother nature.
Possible not to lose individual identities - yet
happy confluence of two simple determined souls
in a journey together, through pain and pleasure,
uniting to explore the peerless love of mother nature.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ball of fire

A ball of fire lights the sky,
awakening the earth every glorious day .
Rays of light energise the earth,
Giving warmth with food to every form of life.

Rose this red ball of fire, one fine morning
awakening the birth of a red army, armed with
a social ideology - "to each as per his need,
and from each as per his might."

Red, the colour of blood and anger,
the colour of strength and bravery.
Red, the bold gift from nature,
to kindle mankind's socialist nature.