Thursday, August 27, 2009

City of abundance

Land of evergreen natural beauty,
Unabating it's spirit of gaiety.
Riches abound in forms many,
farms and mills raise in plenty.

Pristine water ways winding
through freshly sown fertile lands.
Merging with majestic rivers
turned into drains of chemicals.

Pearls of humour and peels of laughter,
accent with respect mark this frontier.
Customs and cultures mix and mingle,
races many together built this empire.

Gates to the outside world,
opened for the sake of riches there.
Drought never known here, but,
dearth of intellect an eternal bane.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Forest of mighty old trees

Raising high to threaten the skies
stand in attention, soldiers in rows.
Their green heads swaying wildly
brown arms open wide trapping light.

Bursting out of mighty rocks
arise the might banyan trees.
Roots digging deep in to earth
seeking water among rocks.

Peels of bark stripped out
by elephants that roam about.
Tiny nests adorn their crown
feeding creatures all around.

Primitive men to tribal folks
rested under its shady leaves.
Lives on this silent witness
watching evolutions fold out.