Monday, May 28, 2012

A new life

I know not where you come from
but here you are now inside me.
I know not how your journey will be
but now together we travel as one.

Our heart beats unite together
for all lives are one and the same
from nature do both of us come
and to nature shall we return to.

I feel you moving inside me
your feets dancing in rhythm.
You sway from side to side
as I sit back enjoying your dance.

Pain and pleasure fill my days
as you grow and fill my being.
Slowly dawns the realization that
life is always whole and complete.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A woman's world

A smiling welcome adorns her face
when the sun shines the way she wants.
A fierce frown with a dark glow
when the winds change their way.

Masks a plenty to chose from
if things do not go her way.
Sympathies she can evoke with ease
melting even the hardest rock.

Life seldom gives her what she wants
yet the urge to make it obey her will.
A continous tussle of will and fate
at times winning, at times losing.

Agree with her whims and desires
to enjoy her masked dramas;
but if you are in the play with her
a swirl of emotions pull you deep in.

Into her world you plunge helplessly
but only till you resist her slyness.
Going with the flow is the way out
if you can stay fair and calm throughout.