Thursday, March 19, 2009

Prophets of free minds

Path of wonder, path of light,
not in heaven, but on muddy earth.
Woven among wilderness by bare feet
of wise men who dared to walk alone.

Head held high, eyes shining bright
walked forth they did, fearing none.
The light of reason their only weapon
to guide mankind, from ignorance to light.

Self respect for all man kind
vital to live, yet denied to men.
Rode forth the destroyer of castes,
attired in black, awakening common sense.

Subtle rivers of poetry in torrents,
burning narrow thoughts on its course,
flowed forth from the noble laureate,
from his abode of eternal peace.

Towering souls many did come,
provoking rusted minds to think aloud.
Awoke a few, simple yet enlightened souls,
many more to rise in ages to come.