Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nomadic Life

Family and friends I left far away,
riches and career have their way.
Changes color my life
permanence long lost its shine.

Roomies change when seasons change,
our paths meet to part again.
Little lessons of pain and pleasure,
enlighten those who care to listen.

Busy hours spent at office,
bugs and issues choke my life.
Need of my home and hearth felt,
only when sleep kisses my eyes.

Nomadic life has its own pleasure,
every place reveals a treasure.
Lessons learnt on my way,
precious than all the wealth I make.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Gone are the days of foreign rule,
heroic deaths on battlefield,
untiring struggles of non-violence.

World awoke to greet free India,
Angel of equality and fairness,
Messiah of peace and unity.

Heroic wars were many fought,
Famine floods ravaged not her spirit,
yet her own sons drained her spirit.

children on streets begging for food,
Women fighting for respect and safety,
freedom long won yet struggles aplenty.

Sons and daugters more than she can bear,
yet no Jhansi rani enforcing women's rights,
yet no Bhagat Singhs to slay the corrupt .