Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Roam around the world

Roam around the world,
O free spirit! Worry not,
about home or belonging.

Sand and stone that kiss
your feet, belong to all,
and not owned by one.

Countries and states,
mere lines drawn by men
not on earth, but in their minds.

Cultures change, habits vary,
languages many among men.
But spirits of all unite into one.

Trust Nature, the mother of all
to nourish and cherish every soul.
Go with the flow, sing along with joy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mountains of the wild

Cool breeze against my face
echoing eerily, stifling my breath,
I once stood atop mountains
magnificent, with snow capped crowns.
Looking down to find deep plateaus,
ruled by nature loving Indians.

Horizon expands, showing more mountains
raising and falling, decked in green,
with silver streams interlaced,
trimmed with ribbons of man-made roads,
feet fixed deep in dark green moss,
In awe I stood, my heart racing fast.

A voice within gnaws at my heart
to break free from bonds of duty,
to fly back to wild mountains;
where spoken words exist not, where
silence talks of violence and peace,
where realization dawns without prompting,
where wild beauty reigns; a
hiatus to refresh my spirit and soul.


Monday, January 18, 2010


Beauty I see everywhere,
in every living face carved
in curves and straight lines
combined to form perfection.

Crown of hair of every colour,
thick or thin matters to none.
Straightly carved forehead,
falling into soft depressions,
housing windows to the human soul
verily are they a pair of beauty,
combining science and creativity.

From depressions rise soft mounds
like smooth hills carved to perfection.
Curves on all sides joined to form
the epitome of beauty called
the human face.

When every curve and straight line
boasts of beauty in every way,
how then do men rate
one as beauty and another as ugly?