Monday, November 30, 2009

Thus spoke a lone tree

I stand alone among fields,
facing mighty mountains to the east,
kissing the whispering breeze,
gazing at the borderless sky,
Now and then sheeps stop by,
resting under my open arms,
nibbling away the lush grass,
chatting animal tales,
while sleeps a lazy shepeard
dreaming of woollen bundles
gifted from heaven, at his doorstep.

Grey clouds showering rain,
mid-day sun warming the land,
winds arising from hills afar,
I grow stronger with them.
Beacause of nature I exist,
in nature I merge myself,
for, what exists on earth
distinct from Mother Nature?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Silent garden, noises none,
works the spider weaving one
crazy web of threads thin,
spreads the maze, sparing none.

Behind this web, gardens widen,
beyond which zooms a world driven
by speed and progress interwoven,
spreads the maze, sparing none.

Speeding vehicles going around,
cities where men roam around,
racing with time, chasing the wind,
spreads the maze, sparing none.

Photography: A view of Chicago downtown in 2007. I shot this from top floor of Sears Towers.