Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Born to be Free

As the wind blows,
as the rains fall,
as rivers chart their own path,
They were all born to be free.

As the flowers flutter in breeze,
as butterflies roam the earth,
as the birds enjoy their day,
we were also born to be free.

Make your own path,
Think your own way,
Do as you like,
For you were born to be free.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paths less taken

Where chaos rules the roost,
and money fuels life,
Men decieve not others
but their own heart.

Here comes the new age,
when society falls to doom,
but ego wins hands down
for those one or two.

Loud words win over,
Sensible talk fails all,
Proving yet again
Success stays not for long.

Amid crazy races in directions many,
searching for the fertile mirage
run one and all, hurting all over
but stopping not till the end.

I walk alone, through lone paths
amid deserted streets and mighty trees,
Reveling in every moment
in the peace and bliss it holds within.