Saturday, September 29, 2007

My dearest

Our journey together started
with my inception in her womb.
So nice she made my stay there
that I gained too much weight.
I entered this world upside down
too heavy for her to deliver.
Unbearable was her pain and agony
yet she welcomed me with a smile.

Lovely as an angel is my mother,
fair and beautiful she is forever,
her heart as tender as a flower.
her spirit still as strong as ever.
She made my early years joyful
when abundance graced my childhood.
She made my adolscent years meaningful
when health and wealth bid us farewell.

Seldom does this world spare
an innocent soul as my mother.
Betrayals many did she face, yet
innocence clings to her forever.
Freedom and honesty I learnt from
my father, as innocent as his wife.
Sans desires my parents live
their children's success their only aim.

Many a value my father taught
not by mere word or thought.
His every action enriched my heart
his goodness and love taught me a lot.
Love for inlaws a rare trait
long forsaken by mankind.
But not by my father though, who never
learnt to say no to a loving heart.

Strong and hard my parents' battled
unseen enemies for days without end,
head held high admist sufferings
their innocence winning at the end.
A loving family is indeed a gift
fortunate are we who receive it.
With parents as good as mine
never will my life have any pain.

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naathaari said...

இவ்வளவுநாள் உங்கள் கவிதகளை படிக்காமல் இருந்த்து வருத்தமளிக்கிறது
சொல்லும் விதமும் தேர்கிற பொருளும் உங்களை வித்தியாசப்படுதிக்காட்டுகிரது