Tuesday, April 05, 2016



In the middle of chaos,
all ready to collapse,
I stand in the midst,
engulfed by dense mist.

Doors everywhere I see
but none ready to open.
Knocking of no avail, for
it is not meant to be mine

Friends I see from far, 
faces many and sounds vary.
But far I should stay, if not
shatters the friendly guise.

Monsters lurk behind,
changing faces with time,
neither you nor I can change
unseen forces that drive insane.

I persist till the end,
to see the fruits of confusion
for every deed brought to end
what it sowed, so did it reap.

Words failed long before
images collapsed at the back.
Facts hidden deep within, 
tumbled out to cascade.

I am but only a mute spectator,
so is everyone now..,
for when nature takes its course
there is no recourse.

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