Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dance with the wind

Winds blowing strong over hills,
singing eternal notes of bliss.
Dancing elegant eucalyptus trees,
slender leaves swaying madly.
Strong evergreen redwoods in ballet,
waving it's sturdy branches gracefully.
Maple trees coloured yellow and red,
their joyous dance a sight to behold.
Bushy shrubs shaking in glee ,
fallen dry leaves racing in circles.
Behold the beauty of nature,
as earth dances with the wind.

Eternal melody of nature,
never abating music of wind.
Resonating from days of yore
when plants ruled earth.
Humans thou find yourself here,
enjoy the dance of nature.
Throw your worries to the wind,
with mind as light as a feather,
Spirit as free as thin air,
true and pure as nature - let not
civilized culture hold you back
Dance O pure spirit,
Dance with the wind.


The Sailor said...

Wow.. Was that something or wat.. I could see the picture infront of me.. Was really descriptive... The concept of asking the soul to become one with nature was a bit old.. but.. here, it was presented in a refreshing way.. Good one.. Hope that Frost is not turning in his grave seeing his competition :D

miles to go before i sleep... said...
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miles to go before i sleep... said...

i liked this one the most...its very imaginative and descriptive.
and your other poems are very nice to....

and like you said, no poems about the lost love

sivani said...

Hey sri.....its very veryvery nice...i wonder how you get suh u frame that sentences...It is really good..

Naidu said...

Second part of the poem is really imaginable...i like the sentence civilized culture holds you back...

Anonymous said...

The second part of the poem is really Imaginable...i like tha sentence 'civilized culture holds you back'...great...

naathaari said...

great saranyaa keep ur finger on poems