Sunday, July 22, 2018


Closed hearts and troubled minds stirred,
suffering humiliation in silence. There came by,
a laid back and common man with nothing special.
Great was he neither by academic merits,
Great was he not by amassing riches, Yet
Revolutions many he made with a sharp mind.

When the world lay asleep, in
Dreams of high and low births,
Great was he who refused to bow down,
Great was he who refused to raise above others,
Shattering caste hierarchies, he declared
the dawn of social equality and justice.

 When streets lay divided, closed to
outcasts and untouchables,
Great was he who knocked down walls,
Great was he who denied lofty Gods,
Questioning stories wrapped in inhuman horror,
Athiesm, he preached, was the new social honour.

When the world made matches among children,
men drinking in stupor watching women suffer.
Great was he who stepped in recklessly,
Great was he who aroused women and children ,
Saving innocent lives, breaking down toddy shops,
Marched ahead with self respect to restore order.

When in the name of Religion and God,
Damsels in temples were wedded to art,
Great was he who ridiculed religions,
Great was he who questioned the Gods,
Proclaiming all women free, gifting them
education and work to rise with dignity.

When the world used shackles of sentiments,
thinking high of emotional arguments,
Great was he who spoke of common sense,
Great was he who taught rational defense,
Raising above mythical beliefs, ending
social discrimination and injustice.

Golden hues hiding slavery symbols,
Musical hymns singing social injustices,
Weddings feasting over the end of self respect.
Declaring the dawn of dignity in every man,
Sensibility ruling the roost, Rationality flooding the world,
Marched forward did he, making new reservations.

Rest not till every rule is crushed,
Sleep not till every soul is freed,
No God dare call you inferior,
Deny any God who brands you superior,
Fear not, O clear mind! Light the flames of
Rational thinking to stop yourself sinking.

Political and social thoughts many abide,
Actions and words unique to this land,
spring forth from the spark he ignited.
His thoughts live on, tangled deep within
among children, men and women akin.
Proud are we to call him our leader,
The one and only eternal leader.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016



In the middle of chaos,
all ready to collapse,
I stand in the midst,
engulfed by dense mist.

Doors everywhere I see
but none ready to open.
Knocking of no avail, for
it is not meant to be mine

Friends I see from far, 
faces many and sounds vary.
But far I should stay, if not
shatters the friendly guise.

Monsters lurk behind,
changing faces with time,
neither you nor I can change
unseen forces that drive insane.

I persist till the end,
to see the fruits of confusion
for every deed brought to end
what it sowed, so did it reap.

Words failed long before
images collapsed at the back.
Facts hidden deep within, 
tumbled out to cascade.

I am but only a mute spectator,
so is everyone now..,
for when nature takes its course
there is no recourse.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Silence is to life, like
Music is to ears.

All words spoken, originate
from the unspoken.

The journey of life proceeds,
leaving behind the need for words.

For in silence do I realize,
Life is only about existence.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Life's Way

That which is said without words
Is always rich in imagination.
It lasts forever and ever,
Serves beyond its purpose.

A life lived simple doing
nothing, yet all accomplished,
ambitiions none, yet achievements
complete, is the eternal life.

Life of the Buddha is best lived
only by The Buddha himself, for he
lived life his own way, not
by the way of any other great soul.

Empty of words and logic,
Sailing along the natural path,
Simplicity in thought and mind,
Reveals the way to eternal life.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


A six foot mass of
muscles and bones,
ever taken for granted
till pain strikes and shakes.

When every muscle tightens
and the spine weighs you down,
nerves crackle with pain
and the brain yells out its agony.

Others cannot comprehend,
neither can it be expressed,
but when it strikes, painful
to bear, yet should be borne.

Yet work should be done
and life goes on,
nothing can stop the body
that must bear and carry on.

The young face that smiles,
innocent and exuberant.
How can a little pain stop
the care and work that she needs?

As long it can be borne
it will be borne, and when
it can no longer be borne,
leave it to decide the road.